Improve Your Brand Image

Improve Your Brand Image and Turn to the Experts

Improve Your Brand Image and Turn to the Experts : When you start a business, it is quite easy to fall into the trap of not wanting to spend extra money and also, wanting to do everything yourself.

Entrepreneurs naturally want to keep startup costs to a minimum. So you think that if you can manage everything yourself, you save money by not hiring extra people.

But the problem with this thinking is that, in the long run, by doing it all yourself, you can easily lose money. For one thing, you can’t possibly be an expert at everything.

More importantly, if you are busy doing behind-the-scenes tasks for your business, then you are shifting your focus away from clients and other money-making ventures. It’s time to outsource.

One area that people find easy to do on their own is their website. Between the “drag and drop” website builder and the user-friendly WordPress, it’s easy to think that you can create your own website; But without a dedicated web design flair and a natural artistic flair for color matching, your website will look basic, and won’t have the panache that your target clients are looking for.

Since your website is often the first time people see your business, do you really want them to think that you are too cheap to invest in a well-designed website? Like it or not, people will judge your business based on your website; One glance might prevent visitors from calling you, even if you might be the perfect coach to help them. So invest.

Hire a qualified web designer to overhaul your website with a modern, clean design and unique branding elements.

Put Your Branding All Over Your Website

Think about when you visit a new website; what page do you start with? What element caught your eye first? How do these elements describe the brand message? Even if you don’t consciously think about these things, there’s always a concrete reason why you clicked away from the site to continue searching, and the same goes for your visitors.

So, start from the first page of your site and pay attention to the elements that need updating.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Your header. A website designer can integrate your brand colors and design elements to create a professional and eye-catching header that will (unconsciously) encourage people to keep reading your homepage.

2. Your Headshot. Whether it’s included in the header or used in the sidebar, visitors are more comfortable seeing someone’s face and knowing that you are a real person. A professional headshot adds a personal touch to the site.

Your visitors will see you as approachable and know they can actually reach you if they call, instead of being put in a vicious voicemail loop.

3. Your opt-in box. Don’t get stuck with the boring old registration box design. Your web designer can easily integrate designs to make your opt-in stand out. (A piece of advice: if you haven’t made your list yet, you should start!)

4. Your author’s signature box. Take advantage of the end of each blog post to include your author information and calls to action. Insert your brand colors and/or other headshots that still convey your brand message.

Convince your readers why YOU are the coach they are looking for. The key here is to keep wording to a minimum but also include a link: to an opt-in offer, a waiting list, or to your product or autograph book. Also use different versions of your author’s box, when you write articles for other companies, such as guest bloggers.

Is It Time To Outsource Your Branding Photos?

When was the last time you changed your social media photos? What about the headers on your website? If your headshot is older than 18-24 months OR if your style or outward appearance has changed significantly, then you need an updated photo. It doesn’t matter if you look like a super model in this ’90s photo.

Chances are you won’t look the same years later. But it’s probably more important for the client to make you look more experienced! Stay up to date.

Social media photos and websites are just two of the many areas where it is important to update photos and design elements so that visitors and followers know that you are still in business and that you are invested in your business image.

We are talking about the image of your BUSINESS: the image you present to the world; an image that represents YOU as a coach; images that will give you a full-time life; images that have enough earning potential to send your children to the college of their choice.

Why would you try to tackle these important images yourself, even if you have some photography experience?

Think about it… if you use social media to catch up with your college friends, it’s okay if your profile picture is a little blurry and you’re wearing a tank top over a beer. But if you’re promoting your business on social media, looking to get more clients, then blurry photos wearing unprofessional clothing won’t work.

Get Rid of Blurred Photos and Hire a Photographer

Smartphone cameras have really advanced in recent years and some of the photos posted online are very clear. However, just because you have a good camera phone doesn’t mean you have to take professional photos of your own.

First, every worthy photographer will have the latest and greatest camera that will surpass the quality of mobile phones. Second, experienced photographers will know how to adjust the exposure so you don’t get covered in shadows.

Third, professional lifestyle or portrait photographers have a way of making their models comfortable and will know which poses are best suited for your body type.

Save Your Time and Let the Experts Edit Your Photos

Photoshop is an amazing tool and we see the results on magazine covers on every supermarket checkout line. But do you really have time in your schedule to study a new program? Even after you learn the basics of Photoshop, it takes a lot of practice for any of your skills.

If you’ve been hoping to have over 18 hours in a day, then hire a photographer with good photo editing skills to perfect your look in less time than it would take you to learn.

Photographers Add Creativity

Good photographers are artists and can add creative suggestions to your shoots. You are ultimately in charge of your brand image, but professional photographers will offer suggestions for poses, locations, wardrobes, or props to use. Some suggestions may seem very wild while others may make sense.

So, it helps to keep an open mind when consulting with your photographer as you might come up with great ideas that will improve your brand image significantly.

Now It’s Time To Update Your Branding Image

Updated branding images go hand in hand with an updated website, so book your shoot! If that’s a foreign concept to you – or you didn’t have the best experience the last time you shot – the Branding Shot Planner is the tool you need. I’ve put together a step-by-step plan to stay organized and hire a photographer.

Just follow the steps, take lots of notes, and ask your aspiring photographer a lot of questions and you will definitely have a hard time choosing the pictures because they will all look so beautiful.

Summary: When YOU are the face of your business, it is very important to portray yourself in the best light. Professional photos help attract high-quality clients who are willing and able to spend money with you.